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Openhan Corporation started as a Children's Shoe shopping mall called Ozkiz and has since expanded the business to include Children's Clothing, Junior's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, and Children's Cosmetics. Based on the E-commerce market, Openhan is an enterprise that continues to grow to this day.
Following the spirit of the company's name, we always conduct our partners and colleagues with an honest and open attitude.
Ozkiz strives to provide the best experience to its customers by planning every product and directly managing the entire production process, including design, production, marketing, CS, and logistics.
Junior's Clothings brand IndividuelWomen's Clothings shopping mall Ilsanghabo, and Men's Clothings brand Wooilsin are likewise continuously growing with exceptional product sourcing and digital marketing. Children's cosmetic product Baby Camellia (Agi Dongbaek) has received positive customer reviews since its very launch.
Openhan is always reflecting on how to provide differentiated products, clear brand identity, and remarkable customer service. It has an innovative company culture akin to that of a startup which utilizes various collaborative tools, including Notion and Google Workspace, to bring forth a 'smart-work' system. In preparation for the 2025 KOSDAQ listing, we are conducting more transparent and ethical management.




Launched Children’s cosmetic product Baby Camellia
Top 1,000+ Global Small Giant Companies


Launched Junior’s Brand Individuel
Selected as Human Resources Development Oriented Small and Medium Enterprise


License contract with Bread Barbershop
Constructed a distribution centre at Namyang
Opening of a store at Shinsegae Department, Uijeongbu


Launched Ozkiz Global for global customers (
Launched Men’s Clothings shopping mall Wooilsin
Launched Women’s Clothings shopping mall Ilsanghabo
Reached 10 billion Won in sales


Exhibitions in China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam


Moved to a new company building Oz Building at Myeonmok-dong
Exhibitions in Germany, China, and Japan
Opening of stores at Lotte Suwon, Suwan, Songdo, and Hyundai Garden 5
Opening of stores at Shinsegae Duty-Free, Doota Duty-Free


Pop-Up stores at Shinsegae Incheon and Gimhae
Construction of Ozkiz factory at China
Exhibition at Shanghai CBME, China


Opening of stores at Lotte Outlet Namak, NC Gangseo, Bucheon
Opening of stores at Lotte Department Gwanak, Incheon, Masan


Pop-Up stores at Lotte Department Gwanak, Gimpo Airport, Paju, Pohang
Exhibition at Shanghai CBME, China


Certified as a seller at eBay and Amazon
Certified as a seller at Shinsegae Mall and Home & Shopping
Moved to a building at Jegi-dong


Certified as a seller at CJmall, iSTYLE24, 1300K, Interpark, AK MALL, and Lotte iMall


Certified as a seller at Qoo10, LOTTE SHOPPING e-commerce, Wemakeprice, Shop N, Coupang, TMON, GS Shop
Opening of a branch at Guangzhou, China


Certified as a seller at Bori Bori


Installation of SCM digital system
Certified as a seller at Auction, G-market, 11Street
Establishment of Openhan Corporations

Patents and Awards




The Brands of Openhan

Ozkiz | Kids Fashion Brand

INDIVIDUEL | Junior’s Fashion Brand

Ilsanghabo | Women’s Fashion Brand

Wooilsin | Men’s Fashion Brand

Baby Camellia | Kids Cosmetics

Ozkiz Global

How We Work

Our highest value is impressing our customers to the point of saying, “Wow!
We do not stay passive, we actively and passionately lead innovation.
Instead of grumbling, we search for answers.
We do not fear mistakes and always enjoy adventures.
We always learn and grow.
We share feedbacks with an open attitude and talk with sincerity.
We are all members of a single team, trusting and caring each other.
We strive to achieve the highest competence and differentiate us from others with teamwork.
We act enthusiastically with big dreams and vision.
We respect everyone with placid confidence.

The Culture of Openhan


10% of every half-year profit is distributed as incentives according to the level of contribution based on multidimensional feedback. Twice each year!

Book Discussions

Once every month, all employees read and discuss a book. The price for the book is completely paid for.

Educational Programs

We provide online or offline seminars & lectures for the improvement of working capacity twice every year.

Work Environment

We have the best work environment including the top-class computers and dual monitors.

Company Café

We have a leisure space with coffee and treats.

Family Event Support

We attend to every family event of our employees including marriage, childbirth, child’s first-birthday and give financial assistance.

Retirement Pension System

Retirement pensions are securely administered as annuity.

Employee discount

We provide remarkable discount benefits on par with VIP customers.

Cultural Events

For our company get-togethers, we refrain from drinking alcohol and participate in cultural events such as performances and exhibitions.

Team-gathering Support

We give financial assistance to promote team get-togethers and hang-outs.

Long Service Reward

We give one month of vacation after 5 years of service.

Birthday Half-off

Employees can take the afternoon off on their birthdays and make dear memories with families and friends.

Late Day

Once every month, work starts at 10 AM to enjoy a lazy morning.

Workshop Abroad

Once every two years, we travel abroad for a company workshop.

Friday 4 PM Leave

To enjoy weekends, work ends at 4 PM on Fridays. (The best!!)
FAQ regarding work culture.
We value horizontal company culture and address each other with English names rather than by their ranks.
No dress code, of course.
There is a town hall meeting once every month where we share the main outcomes and issues transparently.
Lunchtime is from 12 to 1.
Most works are done with Notion and Google Spreadsheet.
We use EasyAdmin, EasyChain, and Cafe24. CJ Daehan Tongwoon for Parcel service.
The head office is at Seongsu-dong and the distribution center (Oz Center) is at Namyang. Once every month, employees at the head office and distribution center gather for discussions.


Company Pictures


Seongsu Head Office

Seongsu SKV 1 Tower 1311, 25 Yeongmujang 5-ga Gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Oz Center

Gyeongbokdaero Barangolgil 42-36, Jinjeon-Eup, Namyangju, Gyeonggi-Do

Contact Us

ozkiz individuel (인디비주엘) : ilsang Habo (일상화보) : wooilsin (우일신) : Overseas Export (해외수출) :